Universal cutting system (with single postion) with blade without cutting punches for leather, microporose (EVA), synthetic materials, including shank boards of different thickness and hardness.

P145L: it is a machine born to satisfy small and medium production requirements, with smaller dimensions but very high cutting capacity.

The useful working area is 1700×1100 mm and the exhausting plate can be selected and shared into parts so to optimize the materials keeping. The cuttinng head (patented) is mechanic, this allows a very big power and resistence to cut more strong and large thickness materials. We must evidence the very long life of knives which can have different shapes according to materials to work. The head height is controlled in order to make the cut into one or more passages; the maximum height which is possible to cut is 40 m, very useful for materials like microporose but also tunit, leather, shank boards, texon and rubber.
It is possible also to make the materials cutting with fixed knife without up and down mooving, in order to get perfect finishing for synthetic materials like thunit.
The working precision is guaranteed by machine mooving into slidings and from the moovement given by recirculating ball screws, operated by brushless motors, and also by the use of an update generation CNC which can assure a quick and clean cutting.
The direct projection (without mirror), is giving to the operator a very good view of the mouse positioning of the shapes lightened on the material sheets, like working with a traditional cutting machine.
The machine is not using cutting punches and allows the operator to work simply with “manual placing” or with “automatic nesting functions”
* As optional we can supply one underlightened digitalizing table where to digit leather groupons and to make the automatic nesting, special for leather. With the help of one optic pen it is possible to mark the defects into the leather and to give to software a grade of quality to choose in which area of the sole to position the defect found in the leather – The table can be only one for more cutting machines

Worcking surface: mm 1700×1100
Rapid speed: m/min 50
Max working speed: m/min 12
Total power installed: kw 15
Electric feeding: trifase
Pneumatic power: monofase
Weight: Kg 1200
Dimensions: 2200x2800x2250 (H)