CNC working center, for soles gluing. read more
Five-axis machining center for milling the outer edge of the sole. read more
Wire cutting center P141
Automatic working center, wire cutting system for materials such as cork, microporous and similars. read more
Cutting System P146LN
Universal cutting system (with double postion) with blade without cutting punches for leather, microporose (EVA), synthetic materials, including shank boards of different thickness and hardness. read more
The machine with two cutter P11-2F, has born to make the thickness levelling of the plane soles, heels toplift, and small leather inserts. read more
“3D” Skivings
Our CAD-CAM systems (P154N, P158NC and P160N) can also make skivings with different depth and 3D skivings on microporose (EVA) materials. (watch video)
Sole edge semiautomatic premilling machine to mill plain soles, heeled soles and even welted soles. read more
Automatic Working Center P158nc
P.158 NC is a new automatic working center for soles skiving, decoration, jordan, channelling and grooving. read more


MM Solution Costruttrice di macchine automatiche e semiautomatiche per la lavorazione del fondo della scarpa.
MM Solution SRL has been the natural going on of the historic MA-MECC company, having more than 50 years of long experience and tradition in the shoe machinery field, having very high technology working systems inside. read more