New automatic working center, wire cutting system.

The CNC machine P141, thanks to the wire cutting system, it is possible to make unusable profiles and geometries that other types of traditionals machines can’t do.
The materials to be cut can be blocked on the table by vacuum system, V centering system or mask.
The machine can cut various types of materials such as microporous, cork and similars.
The use of a special cutting wire makes it possible to obtain a precise cut and a smooth surface.
The wire has a long life and its replacement is simple and in a very fast time.

Surface of holding table mm 200×400
Rapid speed axle x: mm\min 60000
Rapid speed axle z: mm\min 15000
Max working speed axis X mm\min 15000
Max working speed of axis Z mm\min 6000
Power of vacuum Kw 3
Total power Kw 7
Electrics feeding Trifase 400V
Pneumatic feeding Atm 7
Dimensions: mm 1400x1900x2400H