Pigmenting machine for soles P.95

The P.95 is a roll pigmenting machine especially studied to coat some products on the sole.
The inlayed cylinder is mass equipped with the opportunity to have a double sense of rotation that permits to make workings in REVERSE and DIRECT.

The REVERSE working makes it possible to get a coating of water-based colouring mixtures or the application of oils and waxes, uniformly coated thanks to the rotation of the cylinder inlayed in the contrary direction of the sole advancing direction. The quantity of product applied on the sole is connected with the type of cylinder inlayed used, with its rotation speed, its advancing speed and the viscosity of the application mixture.
The sole preparation is also very important to absorb the pigment itself.

The characteristics of the refinishing in REVERSE are:

– very good product distribution, con quantities to be applied from 2 to 35 grams per squared feet;
– very good anchoring of the application mixtures due to the mechanical action of coating of the roll inlayed on the sole. The DIRECT working permits to get drawing like printing looks. For the drawing like printing look are used rotogravure cylinders with different drawings relevant to the item that you want to obtain.
The output capacity of P.95 is around 700 pairs per hour.

The machine is equipped with:
– an inlayed cylinder locking system that permits to make this operation in very fast periods;
– a stainless steel racla blade that permits the distribution of the pigments on the cylinder thanks to an oscillating system that permits to avoid coating defects due to small impurities to be found in the colouring mixture;
– special small side stainless steel tanks that permits to recover the varnish which was not applied to the sole;
– a conveyor belt with fastness adjustment independent from the one of the roll and has available a cleansing system of its surface through brush;
– a counterpart rubber cylinder inside the small carpet that permits to compensate the differences in the sole thickness.

According to the sole thickness it is possible to manually adjust the machine opening.


– pump with double membrane to automatically take the colouring mixture to the inlayed cylinder;
– infrared rays lamp to apply oils and waxes that can be dissolved directly in the racla.

Inlayed Cylinder Speed da 3 a 33 m/min
Conveyor Belt Speed da 1,3 a 13 m/min
Electric Power 1 KW
Electric Power with heating lamp 2 KW
Compressed Air Pressure 6 Bar
Compressed Air average consumption 55 Nl/Min
Sizes 1200x1200x H 1330 mm
Weigth 380 Kg

Economic Advantages

  • it allows to have in stock a single type of material (leather or regenerated soles not colored) and to pigment with the desired color the number of soles that we want, so to avoid useless and expensive unsold stock
  • considering that the leather and the slabs regenerated are very expensive and that the average quantity of pigment that deposits on a pair of sole is approximately 5 grams, adding to the cost of the rough sole the one of the pigment necessary to finish it, we can clearly note a large saving to purchase one natural leather or regenerated skin (not coloured) instead than a painted one
  • it allows to pigment only the sole without wastes of product, on the contrary by cutting the sole from the painted leather skin or regenerated slab there is a flash of colorful material that has a high cost;
  • versatility of the machine that allows us to finish small amounts of soles using the closely necessary product or to finish great amounts of soles working in continuous way with productivity of about that 700 pair per hour.