Automatic elettronic premilling machinefor soles with two spindles for milling soles perimetre, with or without heel with single or multiple profiles. Arranged for the use of loader P. 46. (Prearrangement and loader-unloader are optional)

P.56NE: It is the only machine in its kind, result of studies and long experience MAMECC, offers to the users the following advantages: two spindles for the milling of soles and soles with heel, with single or double profile of any shape and material including Louis XV soles or it can rough and clean and dress. Sheet steel or bakelite templates and simple wooden countertemplates fast interchangeable are employed; the perfect soles centering allows a minimum removal of wastes material and with the right set up we can trim also soles with welt.

The machine is equipped of nr. 8 (eight) different working programs. It has a very simple programming system thanks to microprocessors which memorize and visualize the profile beginning and the end points of every cutter and automatically they adjust the working cycle. To memorize the milling beginning and end points of the 1st and 2nd profile just draw the template to the copying ring in the requested point and press the button. Soles rotation speed and other recordings, as also the beginning and the end position of the 1st and 2nd profile, are in part visualized on a display and in part can be read on the potentiometers scales.

By taking note of the above working data, the machine can be programmed again when the same operation has to be repeated. The machine has a spindle which can move horizontally
for better centering the second cutter without using decimal spacer under it.
On the desk switchboard there is a device for storing 10.000 different worked templates and pressing a simple buttom it’s possible to recall them again.

Faults finding.

Maximum safety. Soundproof according to the standards.

Maximum machine output, 500 pairs of soles/h by loading one pair at a time for a single profile (loading more pairs the output increases in proportion). Such an output changes according to the soles outline and one or two profile.

5 step copying rings of varios sizes for each shaft,
7 different spacer for cutters,
1 template and sample counter-templates,
set of wrenches and small items, operations and maintenance manual, templates drilling jig, potentiometers centering tool.


Installed horse-power: Kw 5.5
Mean air consumption Nl/Hour: 4300 approx
Cutter bearing arbors n°2: Ø mm. 19
Max. sole holding clamp opening (empty jaws): mm. 115
Max. trimming height: 68 mm a seconda del materiale
Machine net weight: Kg 925
Gross weight with the packing case for overseas shipment: Kg. 1140
Machine overall dimensions: mm. 1260x1680x1500h
Packing case overall dimensions: mm. 1480x1920x1700h
Packing case volume: 4.8