Cad system P.52S4

The machine P.52S4 it is a semiautomatic electronic soles edge trimming machine (even with heel and welt on), it allows to make four different profiles in the same sole, as each shaft can assemble up to two tools. the machine is a MaMeccCad terminal used in modelling; the designer can prepare already during the sole projecting phase, the various profiles and, through the net connection, to send the working file directly to machine.

The sequence of profiles to make, is visualized on board monitor along the whole or part of perimeter during the trimming process. Any correction on the begin and the end of the various profiles can be made directly into machine with mouse to the video commands; at the same time, thanks to motorized sole holding arm, the sole is put in line respect to the cutter position. The working file is recorded and can be sent again to the designer computer for the filing.

The use of the same file for production after some time will allow the allignement between the cutters and the sole and to set up the start and the end points of profile. The machine P.52S4 is working with one or two profiles as well, like P.52SS and has the some structure and all advantages due to the soles auto-centering system.

OUTPUT : About 3000 pairs in 8 hours loading one pair of soles per cycle; the production can increase by loading more pairs per cycle.

Total installed power : kw 3.5
Cutter holder shaft diameter : mm 19
Tool maximum height : mm 80
Max. cutting thickness : mm 70
Max clamps opening (without templates and countertemplates) : mm 110
Exhausting mouth diameter : mm 140
Feeding : trifase
Max air consumption : Nl/Min 15
Net weight : Kg 530
Wooden case weight : Kg 580
Dimensions mm 800x1000x1420H