Half-automatic pre-trimming machine for the trimming of soles and soles with welt or heel applied.

The machine P52S3 is an electronic half-automatic pre-trimming machine of the sole perimeter (even with welt or heel applied) that makes it possible to make up to 4 different profiles on the same sole. It is in fact equipped with two cutter-holder shafts on each of which you can assemble two cutters. The setting of the profile sequence to be carried out is made through a computer integrated in the machine control panel and is extremely easy, when the sole holding clamps handle stops, the operator must only push one buttom to change to the programmed following profile, thanks to the motorised sole-holder arm and its automatic positioning. The sequence of the profiles established for each type of sole can be stored and recalled any time you wish to start the production of that kind of sole again, without having to readjust the machine again. The P.52S3 can make on the soles also one or two profiles, like the machine model P.52SS of our construction, of which it keeps the main structure and all those advantages due to the sole auto-centering device; it eliminates, however, the need for the research of the precise alignment between the cutter and the sole by using spacers in the assembling on the cutter (thanks to the motorised sole-holder shaft) as well as having to set manually the starting and ending points of each profile and having to re-adjust the machine each time that you have to produce a type of sole previously made.

We can have trimming machines P.52S2  with one shaft where we can assemble cutter diameter 26 mm to trim the flap soles perimeter.

A P.L.C. co-ordinates and controls all the functions of the machine.

The machine can work approximately 3000 pairs of soles in 8 hours with one pair loaded at a time. By loading several the output can be increased in proportion.

Nr. 1 template and nr. 2 standard counter-templates,
nr. 1 template boring jig,
nr. 13 feeler rings for each spindle,
nr. 1 emery cloth wheel,
nr.1 feeler ring for emery band wheel, service spanner


Installed power: Kw 3.5
Cutter spindle diameter: mm. 19
Tool working height: mm. 80
Max. milling thickness: mm. 70
Max clamp spread (without template and countertemplates) mm. 110
Max. air consumption: Nl/min. 15
Net weight: Kg. 530
Net weight in overseas case: Kg. 580
Dimensions of machine: mm. 700x950x1420h
Dimensions of overseas case: mm. 980x1180x1660h