Sole edge semiautomatic premilling machine to mill plain soles, heeled soles and even welted soles.

The machine P.52S2: is a dual-cutter spindle premilling machine designed to mill one or two profiles on the edge of the sole. The beginning and the end of each profile can be easily adjusted and special device makes it possible to stop the rotation of the sole at the points fixed for each profile.

The machine can mill plain soles, heeled soles and even welted soles. This is possible thanks to a self centering device which perfectly centeres the sole and the template by evenly distributing any differences between them all along the edge. The machine can work such materials as fair leather, regenerated leather, coria, thunit , rubber and all other materials use in sole and heel manufactoring having a structure and consistence suitable for milling. The second cutter spindle can rotate at reduced speed to allow the use of emery cloth wheels so as to obtain a better finish of the soles.

We can have trimming machines P.52S2  with one shaft where we can assemble cutter diameter 26 mm to trim the flap soles perimeter.

A P.L.C. co-ordinates and controls all the functions of the machine.

The P.52S2 is equipped with accident-prevention devices and protections designed to safeguard both the operator and maintenance personnel. The machine was designed to comply with the safeting requirements provided for in the EEC regulations currently in force. Therefore, it bears the “CE” mark.

The machine can work approximately 3000 pairs of soles in 8 hours with one pair loaded at a time. By loading several the output can be increased in proportion.

Nr. 1 template and nr. 2 standard counter-templates,
nr. 1 template boring jig,
nr. 5 stepped feeler rings for each spindle,
nr. 1 emery cloth wheel,
nr.1 feeler ring for emery band wheel, service spanner.

Installed power: Kw 3.5
Cutter spindle diameter: mm. 19
Tool working height: mm. 80
Max. milling thickness: mm. 70
Max clamp spread (without template and countertemplates) Kg. 400 circa
Max. air consumption: Nl/min. 15
Net weight: Kg. 530
Net weight in overseas case: Kg. 580
Dimensions of machine: mm. 700x950x1420h
Dimensions of overseas case: mm. 980x1180x1660h