Five-axis machining center for milling the outer edge of the sole.

The work center named P.170 has been designed mainly to automatically perform the milling operation of the outer edge of the soles with the possibility of performing various types of edge inclination thanks to the use of a sophisticated five-axis CNC interpolated.

The sole to be worked is positioned in a horizontal housing arranged on a rotating table equipped with two workpiece stations, a precise self-centering device allows centering of the soles, after which it is locked with a clamping system. The table rotates and transports the sole in the working area where an electrospindle provides for the milling.

While the machine performs the machining, the operator can place the next sole in the appropriate housing and reserve the processing of the sole just loaded in the work area even before the other one has returned to the rest position, so to eliminate dead times.
The machine is equipped with special compartments for the evacuation of scraps due to the milling of the material.

The machine is made of stabilized steel and all the movements are on prismatic guides and preloaded ball recirculation pads; the transmissions are with precision screws, always with recirculating balls, controlled by brushless motors.
The electro-spindle is mounted on a latest generation bi-rotary head and is sized to face with safety both the work of milling all types of rubber as well as wood and its derivatives. The tool change on the electric spindle is manual, the tool is fixed with ring nut and pliers.
The external control panel with 15″ color monitor and keyboard, allow the operator to control and manage the machine, the work area of ​​the electrospindle is inaccessible during the work cycle in compliance with European Standards.


Axis positioning accurancy: mm +\- 0.02
Maximum spindle power: kw 7
Total installed power: kw 11
Spindle speed (max): 14000 Rpm
Tool holder connection of the spindle: HSK-F63 Ø 25
Scrap intake manifold diameter: mm 110 (x2) – 160 (x1)
Fast speed axes x, y, z. (work): mm/min 20000
Power supply: Three phase 400 V
Pneumatic supply (min.) Atm 6 (min.)
Dimensioni d’ingombro (WxDxH): mm 1650x1650x2500