CNC working center, for soles gluing.

The CNC machine P.161 allows to distribute the solvent-based glue of the neoprene and polyurethane type over the surface of the soles.
The characteristics of this machine allow an important increase in production depending on the complexity of the sole to be glued, the more complex the design to be glued, the more productive the machine is, guaranteeing precise distribution over the surface of the sole.
The loading and unloading of the soles is manual, two holding-piece tables transport in alternation the sole to the gluing area. Each table is composed of a suction plate that keeps the sole locked during processing and an automatic centering system. While the operator unloads and loads a table, the other is working to eliminate dead times.
The application of the glue is performed by an “Airless” type gun, which applies the glue along the edges and by a “Rotating Brush” which distributes it on the widest part of the surface. The amount of glue to be applied can be varied by rotating the handwheels of the “Airless” type gun and the brush unit, adjusting the pressure of the glue container and choosing between different sizes and types of nozzles and brushes.
The machine is in stabilized steel and all the movements are on prismatic guides with runners and precision screws with recirculating balls, controlled by electronically controlled brushless motors on all the X, Y and Z axes so as to eliminate unnecessary times for manual mechanical adjustments.

The gluing paths are generated by the CAD / CAM system.