Universal working center, sole shaping machine

The sole shaping machine model P.160NI is a working center made to make automatically the shaping of materials like EVA or microporose, corb and regenerated leather (salpa) or masonite, working without template.

This system translates into technologic words the cultural and productive knowhow concerning the shoe bottom and it allows the quick and speed making of soles models and of all what is necessary for the contruction of the bottom itself. This system has one orizontal spindle with one cutter of 100 mm diameter which makes the trimming “shaping” of the sole through the movement of the thrird axys in one operation, having the skiving of the plant surface, giving to it an anatomic shape. This operation is fundamental to work soles and wedges for fashion shoes, and technic and orthopedic shoes.

While the operator unload and load one table, the other one is working, the loading and unloading of the soles is manual. The operator can select the time of entrance of the table just loaded into working area even before the other one has come back into rest position to avoid any dead time.

The correct position of soles on the table is selected on the pc directly by the operator through a specific program, with possibility to choose the positonning of soles with mask (for soles with unregular touch base) or with an auto centering device with “V” with manual adjustment.

The keeping of soles to be worked on the table is ensured by an effective vacuum system generated by a powerful vacuum aspirator and by a system of side clamps which help to keep sole into position.

The operator can also choose to make masks that can be made in PVC, Bakelite, Masonite, etc according to sole shape, while the selfentering V-shaped device is supplied as standard.

The machine is made of stabilized steel and all movements are on prismatic guides and preloaded ball bearings; the transmissions are on prismatic guides and preloaded ball bearings; the transmissions are with precision screws, again with ball recirculation, controlled by brushless motors.

The dust extraction system, made for the suction of working dust, is equipped with a suction mouth that surrounds the area of the cutter.

The suction system has pipes of 70 mm and 110 mm to which the aspiration system of company must be connected.

The control pannel with keyboard and monitor 15” allow the operator to control and menage the machine, the electrospindle working area is no access during working in accordance with European CE regulations.


Vacuum tables (N°2): mm 400×450
Spindle power (max): 4 kW
Spindle speed (max): 7000 Rpm
Rapid speed axys x,y,z (working): mm/min 20000
Working speed (max): mm/min 10000
Installed total power: 13 kW
Diameter exhausting pipes: mm 110 (3 pipes) + mm 70 (1 pipe)
Electric feeding: three-phase
Pneumatic feeding: Atm 7
Total weight: kg 1100
Dimensions: mm 2000x2000x2000