Universal working center,Soles system with two spindles for digging and soles cutting with turning head for decoration, channelling and special working with blade.

The working center called P.154N is the CAM peripheral, that translates into technological terms the cultural and production patrimony relevant to the shoe bottom and that permits the fast and cheap making of soles models and of what necessary to make the components of the bottom itself.

Besides it is possible to make the production of soles skiving (both in leather and synthetics materials) for the anti-sliding insert, for decoration Besides, more excavations can be made at different height on the sole, skiving3D” on microporous and also to make those workings that once were typical of the manual machines.

The machine, in stabilized steel, is with mobile big door with max. working surface of one meter by one meter. All the movements take place on prismatic slides and pre-loaded sphere re-circulation sliding blocks; transmissions are controlled by precision screws, also with sphere re-circulation, operated by brush-less motors. The three axles are controlled in a contemporaneous way. The electrical spindles have dimensions so to face in a safe manner both the skiving working and the cutting of PVC, bakelite templates, wooden pressure pieces and agglomerates.

The tool change on the spindles is manual; the tool is fastened through ring nut and pliers. The machine has a series of two piece-holding tables, (400x450mm) the fastening of the soles to be skived on each piece-holding table is granted for by a depressing system with “double v” positioning elements for lighter workings, helped by positioning templates for heavier workings (high skiving depth, sole smashing down). The machine architecture permits to work with two different tools in an alternative way on each sole or by assembling two tools that are similar to work a right-sided couple on a table and a left-sided couple on the other one (in the cases where this is possible). The cutting of templates and wooden pressure pieces can be made both in the rear side of the working table by taking advantage of that table part which is not occupied by the vacuum tables (practically speaking you can physically load a sheet, also by 1000x1000mm, with no need to disassemble the vacuum tables) or on the whole useful working surface to better exploit the sheets to be cut but by dismantling the vacuum tables. To make the cutting from the sheet easier, on the aspiration mouth of the spindle no. 1 a sheet-pressing device is assembled to prevent vibrations.

With the device for wheeling (axle C), you can perform skivings and also diggings for stitching, wheeling, decorations, tissue-paper cutting for double-colour soles, etc.. The unit is supplied with heating system adjustable so to get a more or less evident effect both on soles in leather and in synthetics.

It is possible to make with the axys “c” with very precise and regular depth, both standard increne and reversed ones, thanks to the strenght of structure and to the accurate precision of all accessories used for that.

Materials to be worked: wood, bakelite, alluminium, zinc, pvc, other plastic materials.

Working useful space: mm 1000×1000
Vacuum table surfaces (N°2): mm 400×450
Spindles (N°2): with ring nut and plier
Spindle power (max): kw 2
Spindle speed (max): 24000 Rpm
X,y.z, axle rapid speed (work): mm/min 20000
Working speed (max): mm/min 12000
Collets diameters (ER 25): mm 116
Total power installed: kw 10
Exhausting mouths diameter mm 70 (2 pipes)
Electric feeding: triphase
Pneumatic feeding: Atm 7
Total weight: kg 850
Total measures: mm 1800x1820x2600