Automatic abutting skiving model Pama 110 with loader, for executing in a single cycle the abutment with various inclinations and hollowing out of the upper part of the heel.

PAMA model 110 with loader:
The machine is completely automati. The orator is involver for only 50% of the time and his only duty is to feed the loader. The PAMA 110 working cycle is the following: Abutting and hallowing: by combining this machine with the Pama 82 F, the following operations are performed: siwing, boring and counting. The advantage of thei smachine is that avutting and hollowing are separated. This principle allows a considerable reduction in stresses so thata it is possible to mill heels with marked lateral inclinations. Fragilae materials can also be processed since milling and hollowing are done from the outside towards the inside eliminating burring or breaking og the outer edge. Therefore, it is highly suitable for leatherm regenerated or other type heels. Thi machine is also available without the loader, in this case, the operator is continuosly.

Air consumtion: 120 l/min
Motive-power: 6 Kw
Net weight: 650 Kg ca
Gross weight packed in oltremaare case: 820 Kg
Encumberance siwes bare machine: 1250 x 1150 x 1580h
Encumberance siwes packed machine: 1350 x 1250 x 1700h
Output hour: 600-700 couple
Cutter-holder shaft: Ø 25 mm
Working height: 120 mm
Milling cutters: Ø 80 – 90 mm
Cutter-holder shaft: Ø 20 mm
Max milling cutter: Ø 280 x 10
Min. milling cutter: Ø 100 x 10