Automatic working center for soles skiving, decoration, jordan, channelling and grooving.

Besides it is possible to make the production of soles skiving (both in leather and synthetics materials) for the anti-sliding insert, for decoration Besides, more excavations can be made at different height on the sole, skiving3D” on microporous and also to make those workings that once were typical of the manual machines.

The machine is equipped with a loader which is loading automatically the soles (two pcs per time one pair) bringing them on the working table which has a special centering device ,set up from both sides of table.
A high depressure vacuum system is blocking the sole on the table which is then mooving to the working area where two separate electrospindles ISO20 and one tools holding head are going to make all workings on the soles as above specified.

AT the end of the process a special automatic unloading system is taking soles out of table and is going to put them into the right unloading box from where you can take them anytime.
The machine is equipped with a special touch sceen pannel which is allowing a simple and speed use of necessary commands for the correct use of it.

Surface of single piece holding table mm 450×400
Max power of spindle Kw 2
Max rotation speed of spindle Rpm 24000
Min rotation speed of spindle Rpm 4000
Rapid speed axys x,y,z: mm\min 60000
Max working speed axys X, Y mm\min 15000
Max working speed of Axys Z mm\min 6000
Position Precision Axys X and Y mm. +\- 0,015
Reproducibility Axys X and Y mm. +\- 0,01
Pincers tool holder a pinza ER25
Pincers diameter mm 0,5 – 16
Power of vacuum Kw 5,5
Total power Kw 9
Diameter of exhausting mouth mm 70
Elctrics feeding Threephase Trifase 400V
Pneumatic feeding Atm 7